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Jun 20, 2018 at 6:31 PM
    1. atrayee saha
      atrayee saha
      I need help regarding the SC list of west bengal. If you can kindly post the SC list with the caste groups then it will be of great help to me!
    2. anindya goswami
      anindya goswami
      Will you please clarify how break in service happens to take place?
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    3. Safiqul Islam
      Safiqul Islam
      I would like to know the maximum period of EOL for prosecuting higher studies for permanent Govt. employees of WB . I know that 24 months can be granted [ Rule 175(2)(III) of WBSR Pt.-1 ]. If someone is granted 24 months leave and his study is incomplete, i.e he requires a few months / an year more of EOL , will he be granted ? What is the procedure ? Is the maximum limit for such leave 5 years ?
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    4. skdpkd
      Can any service commission wanted that qualification as essential qualification at the time of document verification what they did not want in the application form which form generated from that commission website and the candidate did not mention that qualification in the application form.
    5. Biplab Mondal
      Biplab Mondal
      Sir, I am a assistant teacher of a primary school. Now I got a better job so i want to resign, my joining date was february 2017. Please tell me is it possible to resign? If possible then tell me the procedure. And after resign how much time requird to get release letter. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you
    6. Arun Bose
      Arun Bose
      Sir I'm a constable of kolkata police since 2006 and now I recruited as a clerk under west Bengal school service commission.does my seniority will continue in my new job
      1. mihiracharya
        Feb 5, 2018
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    7. Biley Sarkar
      Biley Sarkar
      I am Gr. 'C' LDC appointed on Compassionate ground on September 2017. Will i get DA & HRA as per new rule of WB govt
    8. Atanu Debnath
      Atanu Debnath
      My wife (Asstt. teacher) completed b.ed on 14/07/17.Her HM said that she can get only 7 CL this year.Is it right?Please suggest with correct information.
    9. buramadasabhijit
      mihirda,akhane kono poste 420 ar beshi character type kara jay na,kintu amar ar akti prashan ache ja aktu dirgha ,please apnar kono personal contact e.mail address deben?jani kono open forums arakam prashan kara shobha pay na,tobe ami nirupay,please sahayya korben?
    10. buramadasabhijit
      amar akti prashner uttar dile khub upakar hoi.apnar akti post e dkhlam half average pay leave kon bakti jadi kichu diner janya nen tobe pore ta abar jame 60 days hoy,abar Anya jaigai bolche je maximum 60 din half average pay leave paoa Jay,jadi kichu din kharach hoy tahole ta ar jamena.
      please amar ai confusion dur karun,
      daya kore sangslista govonment order number/reference deben.
    11. Tanmay Sarkar1
      Tanmay Sarkar1
      What is the Service rule should be followed for the W.B. Govt. Polytechnic Lecturers?
    12. Mantu Biswas
      Mantu Biswas
      Dear Sir, my wife is an assistant teacher(post graduate) of a govt aided school of west bengal. Her joining is on 11/01/2003. Now tell me at the time of joining she falls in which group A or B?
      1. mihiracharya
        Aug 14, 2017
      2. Mantu Biswas
        Mantu Biswas
        Thanks Sir, from where i can get this proof
        Aug 14, 2017
    13. buramadasabhijit
      may additional teachers of west bengal be granted for e.o.l before Retantion by m.c?will his / her job be safe in future(i do not mind for increment but termination).i also do not want to send the case to wbbse but to apply for non pay leaves to m.c directly,please reply,i am in too much mental stress,abhihitburamadas
      1. mihiracharya
        School Authority may grant your EOL. But your retention will be done by the DIS. Your retention will be made after completion of 2 years of service.
        Aug 8, 2017
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    14. Selina Aktar
      Selina Aktar
      May maternity leave be continued from primary school to high school? Please reply me Sir.
    15. mahendra biswas
      mahendra biswas
      mihirda kono khobor nei kano?
      i am in a wb govt astt. school teacher and my spouse is in pvt. organisation and i my spouse get hra as a part of salary above Rs. 6000/- then wherther I will get hra or not and whether I have to give decleration of my spouse hra/salary details twice in a year as the private organisation does not want to give the salary information in twice a year.
    17. bpimi
      Sir if joining time and releasing time is written 6.30 am and 11.30am is there any problem in future
    18. mahendra biswas
      mahendra biswas
      mihirda asakori eber thik ache
      1. mihiracharya
        Thanks a lot for joining in this forum. Now you may give your suggestion, questions etc. in the appropriate heading.
        Apr 26, 2017
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    19. DEERNPUR
      Promotion Policy for Typists are "DIFFERENT" in the same Department. why ? For Example
      1. In the Secretariat or Directorate Offices a Typist (Basic Grade) can Promoted to Typist Gr-1, Typist (Supervisor) and Typist (Senior Supervisor) but in the District Level i.e. Regional level a Typist (Basic Grade) can Promoted to Typist Gr-1, Typist (Supervisor).
    20. nemo
      Congrats! for achieving the second most trophy points.
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