I am a new member. I joined this year at Public Works Department, Govt. of West Bengal. I found this website very useful.
I am unaware of service rules, departmental rules etc. Please guide me.
Welcome our new friend Cool
We are happy to have you as a member of wbxpress community Smile Feel free to participate in the discussions and don't hesitate to put your quests. We never try to criticize or discourage anybody. We believe that the actual fact comes out from healthy discussions and debates. We shall be glad to click the upper thumb again and again for encouragement of your good efforts and you are also requested to encourage other members by the same way.

We hope you shall find this forum a perfect place to know something and share something. Please inform the team management as and when you face any problem or want to make any suggestion.

You may have a look at "this link. for any technical help.
Thank you sir for your warm welcome. Big Grin

I joined at PWD department. I have lot of questions regarding service matters as well as lot of things to know about my department. I go through the website of pwd i.e. http://www.pwdwb.in/html/index.php. But could not find my answers well. Can I ask series of questions here? :p
@askpwd: Dear friend, You can ask as many questions as you wish here. But they should be in proper segments e.g. if your question is regarding leave that should be in the topic "Leave". In the same way if you are not satisfied with the system you may place your post at Grievance. And if you have a series of questions in same topic it is better to ask one after another. Hope you have already read the topic and discussion there under and thus you may have found some answers to your queries. However please don''t stop sharing your knowledge and experience here.