Duties of para teachers in high Schools
I like to know about the dutis of para teachers in high school.
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thank you for your helpful information. I have a question about the contractual teacher of high school.
What is the actual duty schedule of the contractual teacher? please answer it as soon as possible.....
Quote:As per No. 1176-SE(S)/1S-37/09 dated 28-07-2010 of School Education Department (Secondary Branch), sanction accorded for 10 (ten) days of Casual Leave and 10 (ten) days of Medical Leave to the part time contractual teachers attached to different Govt. Aided / Sponsored Higher Secondary Schools under the Directorate of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal, subject to the condition that they have to take equal number of classes per week as like the duties of regular and full time teachers.

Our administrator has discussed about the matter.There is no circular seen about the duty of a part time teachers. It will may the same of para teacher.
Thank you.
What can we do if a para-teacher does not agree to take more classes even in unavoidable circumstances?
Forward it to your M.C.
But I like to say, then why the para-teachers demand that they all doing the same duties as the permanent teachers? They will have to give the same salary as the permanent?
What was the condition of para-teachers at the initial time, think!
Now a days there are many changes come time to time, in short form: 60yrs, Rs. 1,00,000/-, increasing salary, M.L, maternity leave etc. So, 'demand' may fulfill your necessity partially or wholly. Now as fer as 'demand' is concern there is nothing illegal to me. They may demand something for their job as we 'demand' many thing.

Now, question is about same load, acc. to their nature of works, their work load must be less than any permanent teacher. But I think, in case of examine the answer script, making tabulation sheet, making results .... they take the same load as a permanent teacher.

One thing more para-teachers duty is only to teach backward (by merit) students up to class-VIII in separate, but we put them in a same routine, in the same classes (up to VIII) as permanent teachers are.

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