State Administrative Tribunal Kolkata
The attention of the members is drawn for giving their valued opinion about the quality of lawyers at SAT who can be considered good by the clients. I personally know a few lawyers who cut and paste different drafts from different briefs and make the brief of their clients. They are like compounders but charging the fee of FRCS Doctors. I also know the lawyers who are the favorites of the judges and so clients are squeezed the way they like. Inspite of the instructions of the clients they do not make submissions and the result is known. The main thrust of this letter is on TRUST. Advocates coming from High Court to represent the clients are taking double fee which is a big punishment for the clients(government servants) who have limited incomes and above all now a days they are lagging behind in D.As also in comparison to Bihar and Odisha government employees, leave the question of other States. So payment of double fee plus conveyance charges plus conference fee is a big financial jolt for the limited income Govt. employee. What I mean to convey is about knowing the names of a few lawyers of SAT who are considered sincere and good with Ain and Line both(B'coz it is culture and custom to win a case, otherwise who cares for your knowledge?) so that the clients may contact them with trust and faith to avoid professional cheats. Please prepare a Data Base of such lawyers through those who have visited SAT and know the tips and tricks. Mind it when the entire mass says that and so is the good lawyer, this means either he is really good or an ordinary lawyer with his strong propaganda machinery. So provide the help to the members of this forum since cases against the administrations by the victim or aggrieved employees are also the incidents of service for which one should have the basic knowledge of suitable lawyers.