How to Write Pension Booklet
Please any one post how to write pension booklet for retired person .
Which documents need for the submission of a pension booklet, I have mentioned. But
Quote:Please any one post how to write pension booklet for retired person .
, it is tough to discuss due to 29 pages. Please follow either " service book lekhar natun niyam" written by Pashupati Ghose or follow the previous pension booklet copy submitted by your school.
if a person retires on september-2017 when should we sent pension papers to AG?
This paper should be sent by the authority in due time.
# mihiracharya...i know it should be sent in due time .. i want to know the time, whether 6 months, 8 months or what? as far as I know it is 6 ,months
1) in how many years commuted pension is restored ?
2) Is commuted pension will be restored after the death of pensioner? plz clear
After 15 years of retirement. G.O. NO. 35-SE/(B)/IM-267/01 dt. 6/2/2004.
How to write Pension Booklet.

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Regarding 2nd question Mr. Sherpa I would like to submit that to get the benefit of restoration of commuted portion, the pensioner should have to be alive on the particular date is so because as per rule, the Pensioner is to apply for the benefit to the Pension Disbursing Authority and logically it may be said that Pensioner my apply if he is alive on the date...isn't it? I hope your query is clarified thus.