Teacher in Charge - Refusal of Appointment
Can the School managing committee in a govt sponsored school force a teacher to become the teacher in charge?
Can the teacher refuse to accept the post and what are the rules regarding this?
May be your school MC has chosen you as the fittest person for the post of TIC. If there is no other willing person then you may take the charge. This Charge will have to take someone else among yourselves up to joining the HM. Power of a TIC is equivalent to a HM.
I am not willing to take up TIC post as I have no experience of running a school .The decision has been taken by the mc without informing me or taking my consent.
As I am an unwilling candidate...can I refuse the mc's arbitrary appointment letter issued without my consent.
Also what action can the mc take against me if I don't receive the letter ?
What is the maximum class limit for the teacher-in-charge in H.S schools?
12 classes

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