West Bengal Health Scheme
60. Rate List for Investigation under West bengal Health Scheme, 2008
61. Reimbursement of medical expenses on Medical Insurance Policy as well as West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008

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.pdf   60.Rate List for Investigation-WBHS, 2008.pdf (Size: 574.25 KB / Downloads: 189)
.pdf   61.Reimbursement of expense on Medical Insurance & WBHS, 2008.pdf (Size: 505.91 KB / Downloads: 187)
62. Sanjiban Hospital, Fuleswar, Howrah assessed as Class - I Service Provider.

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.pdf   62.Medi030812.pdf (Size: 529.1 KB / Downloads: 143)
63. Information on Proposals received for Empanelment of PPP Cell, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal
64. Empanneled Aditya Medical Park under WBHS as Class - 1 service provider.
65. Alphabetical list of Hospitals with contact numbers and contact persons as on 29.08.12

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.pdf   63.Information_on_Proposals_received_for_empanelment_01.pdf (Size: 201.61 KB / Downloads: 205)
.pdf   64. Aditya_Medical_Park.pdf (Size: 501.56 KB / Downloads: 125)
.pdf   65.Alphabetical list of H.C.O.s Aug, 2012.pdf (Size: 92.96 KB / Downloads: 154)
66. Further guidelines for empanelled Health Care Units for Medical Treatment.
67. Rate of Operation of Trigger Finger of Children under GA is approved Rs. 10,000/-
68. Temporary empannelment of 2 (two) HCO [1. Bhattacharyya Orthopaedics & Related Research Centre Pvt. Ltd, 2. Indus Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd.]

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.pdf   7578-F(MED).pdf (Size: 675.36 KB / Downloads: 472)
.pdf   7799-F(MED).pdf (Size: 527.38 KB / Downloads: 126)
.pdf   7641-F(MED).pdf (Size: 483.37 KB / Downloads: 156)
May I ask memo to have a look at our guidelines no 14?
Sorry dude. :oops:

Source: http://wbfin.nic.in/

In each page a single credit may be sufficient; it is not necessary for each post I think.
Thanks. Smile. I think its not correct. If someone give credit to the source for a single post, the other posts on the same page should not get the credit as the same may not be copied from other source.
69. Alphabetical List of HCOs
70. List of Empanelled Private H.C.O.
71. Revised Rate List

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.pdf   69. Alphabetical list of H.C.O.pdf (Size: 85.68 KB / Downloads: 142)
.pdf   70. List of empanelled Private H.C.O.pdf (Size: 143.59 KB / Downloads: 128)
.pdf   71. Revised Rate List.pdf (Size: 481.48 KB / Downloads: 325)
72. Medical benefits under WBHS, 2008 for State Govt. pensioners/family pensioners.

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.pdf   72.Memo_No.8246-F(MED)_dt_28.09.12.pdf (Size: 63.46 KB / Downloads: 470)
73. Extension of Empanelment of HCOs upto 31.12.12

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.pdf   73.8261-F(MED).pdf (Size: 30.63 KB / Downloads: 116)

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