Circular for Non-B.Ed Teacher who joined before 1990
Respected sir, 
I have joined as an assistant teacher in a H.S. School on 27th January, 1987. I have no B.Ed. degree and so, after getting 4 annual increments ( 1-1-1988,
1-1-1989, 1-1-1990, 1-1-1991) my annual increments was stopped from 1-1-1992 to 1-1-1997 (6 years !) and then, I got my 10 years increment on 26-1-1997.  I recently heard that I had to get Annual increment of 1-1-1997 along with my 10 years increment in the year 1997.[b] [/b]
I am in the verge of retirement, so it would kind enough of you to clarify and give me guidance what to do.
Please treat  the prayer as urgent.