A small request to the moderator
May I request that if any new post on any subject or department or any G.O or any query is included/posted in this site by any member, the inclusion should be intimated automatically to the members on their registered / personal e-mail to apprise them of the development. A legal web site namely "lawyersclubindia.com", this system is prevailing where I come to know on opening my e-mail that a new article has been posted. In our site if the software/format is altered a little bit then every member will come automatically to know about the new postings of letters or queries as the system will itself send the matter to the member. Please consider implementing it if the infrastructure allows it. Most of us carry moblie phones and hence it will be convenient to know the contents for immediate assistance to other members who are in distress. Thanks
Thanks for the proposal. I think the email alerts on each and every post may be irritating to some members and subsequently those will be treated as spam. What do you think? We already have an option of "subscribe to topic" which may be used to have the alert of a particular topic. Moreover, you may have a look at the new posts by clicking the option available in the index page. Please let us know whether those options are sufficient enough or not. Thanks for being such an active part of this community.
Thanks for your encouragement. I personally feel that the visitors of this web site are sincere people who keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the Government . They also have the feelings for others with an extended helping hand. If some one subscribes to the new posts or queries I do not feel that he will be getting disturbed or irritated on arrival of his mail on his e-mail address because he has subscribed for it.

My second suggestion which I had forgotten to bring in to the notice of the moderator was that apart from Education and Finance Departments there are also many more important departments of the Government like Transport, Home , Home (Police), P&AR, Land and Revenue, Health, Panchayat,I&C, Tourism,PWD etc.which play active role in the day to day working of the common citizens as well as the Government servants. The news about those departments is lesser in comparison to Education Department. We should spread our wings in that direction also and try to broaden the base.
Yes. RSS feed is a good idea. Lets see whats our admin say.

About your second suggestion, I would like to say that our door is open to all and we never ignore anybody. Actually most of the members of this forum are related with Education department and their service matters are quite different from the Govt. Employees. Thats why we had to create some special segments for them. Anyway, we may create different segments for different departments at any time. But I think its not necessary at this time as the discussion other than education department can be made commonly unless it is meant for any particular department. Lets see what you and our other members say.
Thanks. My view and emphasis is on the Health, Home and Tourism depatments and of course Finance Department. Are these not connected with day to day affairs of a government employee? The orders or policies issued by these departments widely affect the employee or his family members in one way or other in day to day life. Tourism is also a factor connected with almost every employee's life. Hence tourism department orders also play an important role. Please encourage the others to post thier views and the relevant orders which empowers or would empower a government employee to avail of the benefits provided by the Government. The relevant G.O's should be published at this forum so that those do not die an unnatural death in the files of the irresponsible babus of respective directorates. Mind that these are sincere a few who run the show of any Government Department and and there are employees who come and go without doing the quota of their work. My appeal is for those employees who run the show.