Adhoc Bonus of a Susupended Employee
I want to know Is a suspended employee, drawn subsistence allowance in the pre revised scale eligible for getting Adhoc Bonus.
If possible plz send all of G.O regarding Suspension.
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I have a small request. When you are going to post a question then you must write the name of department, date of joining, period of suspension, date of retirement etc. clearly. If you do so, then it may possible to try to give the answer for any one of this forum.
A lot of thanks to all.
I fully support Mr. Acharya. Unless adequate data / information are supplied, it is very difficult to give suggestions/opininos! In some cases, the correspondences have continued for few days without clear-cut suggestions/opinions!
sahasubrata2006 Wrote:I want to know Is a suspended employee, drawn subsistence allowance in the pre revised scale eligible for getting Adhoc Bonus.
If possible plz send all of G.O regarding Suspension.
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I have seen that in Central Govt., Kerala Govt., Tamil Nadu Govt., Rajasthan Govt. services there is provision for allowing ad hoc bonus to an employee who has been reinstated in the service after suspension, with benefit of full emoluments payable for the suspension period. Pls see the link:

Pursuant to the instructions at para 6 in the Memo 6732-F(P) dated 3rd Aug,2012 pls search any such provision, if available, in the clarifications given by the WB govt. in previous years.

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Dear Mr Saha,
As a recently released suspended employee of State Government I like to share my personal experience to you,

If you are still under order of suspension - until and unless you became released from suspension, treasury will not clear any bill prepared on your name.

If you found guilty on the charges made against you, during the departmental proceedings, and punishment also would have awarded to you along with the confirmation of your period of suspension, you will never get anything that, whatever you had taken as S .A. during your period of suspension.

After released from suspension and the confirmation of the same the calculation should be on pro-rata basis. You may have a look at the para iii and iv of the latest G.O. available in the link "Here"

Link courtesy Mr Somnath Das (Moderator)
Dear friend 10Moy,
It is not clear from the para (iii) & (iv) whether an employee who was on suspension is eligible for bonus? But his eligibility has been clearly mentioned in the Bonus related G.O.s of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Rajasthan and Central Govts.
How have you inferred that a state govt. employee of WB, who was on suspension for a certain period during 2011-12, shall get bonus after termination of suspension period and regularisation of pay etc?
The para of WB govt. G.O. issued in August 2012follows:

"iii. The employees who were in service on 31.03.2012 and rendered at least six months continuous service during the year 2011-2012 will be eligible for payment of ad-hoc bonus under this order.

Pro-rata payment will be admissible in such cases to the eligible employees for periods of continuous service during the year ranging from six months to full year, the eligibility period being taken in terms of number of months of service (rounded of to the nearest number of months). A fraction of 15 days or more should be counted as one month.

iv. The amount of ad-hoc bonus on pro-rata payment as admissible under 2(iii) above will have to be calculated according to the following formula

Emoluments as on 31st March, 2012. X Eligibility period in number of months / 12 = The amount of ad-hoc bonus, subject to maximum amount of Rs. 2,500/-"
I think, decision is with the concerned state govt. who may differ from others. For example, the D.A is 65% with effect from 01.01.2012 for state employees of Arunachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, MP etc., but it is at present 45% in our state.
@Bithika Dutta Madam,
The eligibility of getting bonus during suspension does not arise because the service of the person is under suspension, after and when he get release from suspension then the matter of eligibility will arise under the enlightenment of the release order. During suspension a person is eligible for SA only, but an employee usually getting his pay & other benefits when he is undoubtedly in service. I think now it is clear to you.