GO regarding judicial deptt.
If anybody have this said GO,then please share here---4554-F(P) dt. 03.06.10 Re-designation of the Muharrirs to L.D. Clerk of Judicial Deptt. and Admissibility benefit of CAS, MCAS.
I shall try to provide it at the earliest.
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No.: 4554-F(P) Kolkata. the 3rd June. 2010.


The Muharrirs / Revenue Muharrirs / Junch Muharrirs under the administrative control of I & W Department and L & LR Department and the Registration Muharrirs now under the administrative control of Finance (Revenue) Department (formerly, under the administrative control of Judicial Department) were re-designated as L.D. Clerk w.e.f. 01.07.1989. The question of counting their services prior to re-designation as L.D. Clerk for the purpose of CAS/MCAS benefits was referred to by the concerned administrative Departments including the office of Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal when it was clarified that such previous services should not be counted towards the benefits in question as the posts of said Muharrirs are not feeder posts for promotion to L. D. Clerk for having same scale of L.D. Clerk and there is also no provision for appointment of Muharrirs as L.D. Clerk in the Recruitment Rules of L.D. Clerk. The question of reviewing the entire matter and the decision of the Government in this regard in the perspective of the fact behind the re-designation to the L.D. Clerk in the same scale of pay and the essence of the CAS/MCAS benefits was under active consideration of the Government for some time past.

2. Now, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that the services rendered by the aforesaid Muharrirs as such will be counted towards CAS/MCAS benefits in the re-designated post of L.D. Clerk and U.D.Clerk if promoted from such re-designated L.D. Clerk provided they are otherwise eligible for and entitled to the said CAS/MCAS benefits under the rules and orders in force.

3 The Principal Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal and the Principal Accountant General (Audit), West Bengal are being informed accordingly.

Sd/- K. Chattopadhyay
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal,
Finance Department

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What type of promotional and other CAS/MCAS benefit for the post of LDA in district court?& in his 1st year of joining he is entitled for what type & how many leave ?
Thank you once again for ur valuable information @ som da.