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Friends one of my staff has got promotion from DR/Fr (designation) to R.O (designation) and his present pay is
Basic in PB - 15910 and GP - 3900 in the scale = 7100 - 37600
And his promotional GP as well as scale will remain same i.e. GP 3900 Scale 7100 - 37600
Now how his pay will be fixed?

An early response is highly solicited.

thanking you

He will only get an increment of Rs. 480/- due to his promotion.
You may calculate the same by the excel utility available in the following link.
[URL=""]fixation of pay in excel[/URL]
Data is not sufficient :-
Please submit the following data-
1) Designation with the name of department,
2) Date of joining,
3) Previous pay scale
4) Basic Pay on 1/1/2006
5) Date of promotion,
6) Whether received 10/18/20 yrs. benefit .
Promotion from the post of DR/Fr to the post of R.O. in identical pay structure (same PB & same GP) extends the benefit of grant of one notional increment (3%) to the promotee unless he has got any such financial upgradation under CAS earlier. The increment (3%) shall be calculated with reference to the last pay & GP drawn by him in feeder post (DR/Fr). Fixation is as under:
Pay in feeder post: B/Pay 15910 with GP 3900 in PB: 7100-37600
Increment = 3% on 15910 = 480 (rounded off to next multiple of 10)
Pay fixed in promotional post (R.O.): B/Pay = 15910+480 = 16390 with GP 3900 in PB:7100-37600

Benefit of fixation of pay on promotion in identical pay structure was discussed by me in detail under segment "CAS & Promotional Fixation" in this forum with reference to the cases of Sr. Accounts Officers and Kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers in Central Govt. services on the 9th Sept. Pls see the link below:
[URL=""]CAS & Promotional Fixation[/URL]
Dear Mihir Babu
I know that a person gets CAS benefit if he does not get promotion in 8 years 16 years and 25 years. But you, in connection with promotional fixation you have asked whether he has got 10, 18 and 20 years benefits. Would you kindly elaborately the differences 8/16/25 and 10/18/20 years benefits.

Thanking you,

8/16/25 for Govt employees MCAS scheme and 10/20 for aided schools.
Dear Somnath Da,
Thank you very much for elaborating the differences between 8/16/25 and 10/20 years benefits.

Somnath da, due to lack of knowledge sometime i could not thank you and other members of this forum
who take so many pains to reply my query, for that i must beg your pardon.

Shib_slg Wrote:Somnath da, due to lack of knowledge sometime i could not thank you and other members of this forum
who take so many pains to reply my query, for that i must beg your pardon.
Actually we all are the unfortunate being novice about the procedure of our service. Its not our fault, we never had the opportunity to learn them by way of training whereas its too much important to do it correctly. Why our Government never thinks for workshops on office procedure?
I was appointed in the un-revised scale no.14 and I got 10/16/25 yrs. CAS without any promotion. At present I am in scale no.17
Recently I got a promotion to scale no. 16. Please tell me what type of financial benefit can I get in this promotion.
@ mmukhia: Please clarify, how you can be promoted from Scale 17 to Scale 16. Thanks.

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