Seeking G.O. No. 3940(280) dt. 29.03.78
Dear friend,
Would u kindly provide me G.O. NO. 3940(28) dt. 29.03.78,
5791-F dated 11.06.2002,
and 22A(rig.) dated 12.06.1980,

I i submitted a draft letter to my boss regarding "NO BAR" regarding confirmation of an employee who has transfer quoting the above G.O. NOs.
my boss asked me to show the G.Os which i dont have.

So, kindly if possible provide me the G.Os
and one more thing i would like to know from which website there G.O.s can be had.

thanking you

Re: G.O. No. 3940(280) dt. 29.03.78 .......


May I request you all to mention the concerned dept. like Education, Electricity, telecommunication, Food and supply, Panchayat and Municipality or Corporation or some other related matters in order to quick search of GO.

This is necessary for searching GO for each and every one.

With thanks.
Re: G.O. No. 3940(280) dt. 29.03.78 .......

That's right!
Shib_slg is in WB Forest Dept.