Promotional upper age limit
Promotion from Ward Master (Group-B post) to Assistant Superintendent (Group-A post) of Health & Familly Welfare Department, there is an upper age limit of 54 years. Candidate applied & declared eligible within the age limit. But due to departmental dilly-dally upper age limit corssed on 19.2.11. Now incumbent came to know that due to crossing of upper age P.S.C not consider the case for promotion.
Necessary G.O required for such type of case.
Q.1 - Which is the cut off date for calculating upper age ?
Q.2 - Why incumbent should deprive due to departmental dilly-dally ?
Q.3 - What is the suggestion in this regard ?
The appointing authority is PSC. As per G.O. No. 9735-F dated 10.10.90, clarification,
Quote:Q 7. Who is vested with the power to create post in the higher scale / give appointment to higher scale as per Career Advancement Scheme, 1990 ?
Ans. Heads of Offices may exercise this power, except in the case of Constituted Services for whom the power may be exercised by the concerned Administrative Department.
This has been further clarified vide G.O. No. 5961-F dated 25.06.91,
Quote:Q 17. Clarifications regarding Point No. 7 of F.D. Memo No. 9735-F, dt. 10.10.90.
Ans. In cancellation of the clarification to this point given in Memo No. 9735-F, dt. 10.10.90, the following clarification is laid down:
So far as the services and posts mentioned in the Annexure to Memo No. 6075-F, dt. 21.06.90 are concerned, this power vests in the respective Administrative Departments. In respect of the other services and posts, this power vests in the Head of Offices concerned subject to ratification by the Appointing Authority.
Thanks for reply.
I have searched the above noted orders & memos posted in reply, but failed.
If possible please up-load the orders & memos.
Please upload the copy of Annexure to Memo No. 6075-F, dt. 21.06.90 .