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Discussion in 'Excel Utility' started by Rabin14, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Rabin14

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    Ami ekta utility toiri korchi jetate evaluation register e marks input korlei indivistal student er mark sheet automatic toiri hoye jabe.E bapare karo kono ovigota thakle share korun.Ta hole ami amar kaj ta taratari nipun vabe korte parbo.
  2. Torkona

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    Please construct it acc. to new academic session.

    The attachment will helps you throughout.

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  3. Ray

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    Thanks, it's going to be a useful tool for those who need it.
  4. Torkona

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    I have made it for myself for making my Class-X tabulation.
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  5. chanchal

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    School Dept has given Mark-sheet format for class 1 to class 8 so please construct it acceding to this year. It will help many like me. Last year I constructed tabulation sheet for class 9. But this year I want to get auto generation of (Customised)mark-sheet using tabulation sheet data.

  6. Plz Share the Format for IX & X .

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