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  1. hi everyone , i am a pass graduate teacher in a junior high school. we have an ad-hoc committee in our school and S.I. being a member of this committee have denied to deliver no objection certificate regarding my PhD. admission instead of submission of my written declaration that i will not claim higher pay scale , study leave or hamper the interest of the students and school in future .
    now , i need information whether there is any G.O. regarding this issue (on conditional permission for higher study ) or not. I have heard of judgement given by Calcutta high court over this issue in favor of teacher dated 11.02.2011. Is there any kind of verdict ? Can anyone provide this verdict ?

    Can a state authority take away the right of higher study of an academic person by making a law ?
    Can anyone suggest any solution of my problem ?
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    Sorry, you will not get permission to enhance your qualification by the school authority or higher authority.
    Here is your circular ATTACHED.......

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