Reveal of previous job or not

Discussion in 'Govt. Employment' started by Komal0p, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Komal0p

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    I was working in PSU now i am selected in state govt job where only relieving certificate is required. In the application form or interview form there was no column to mention previous employer. But when i applied this job i was in probation so i did not intimate in my company.
    I have doubt should i mention my previous details to new company or not. What should i do my pf amount as i served 1.5 years.
    Plss suggest
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  2. R.Banerjee

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    In any case, an employee should reveal his/her past employment, especially if it was under PSU/Govt/Parastatal bodies etc, to his/her present employer. It is not clear whether it is GPF or EPF or any other types of PF. If it is EPF and if EPF is applicable in new service then you may transfer the EPF amount.
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  3. Komal0p

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    New employer has CPF while in previous job it was EPF . Is it transferable or should i withdraw EPF .

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